viernes, 19 de noviembre de 2010

India y la cinta de pintor

India adora la cinta de pintor. Todo lo soluciona con ella. 
También adora pegar cositas en las paredes de mi taller (o en cualquier otra parte)

India loves the masking tape. She uses it everywhere.
She loves to attach little drawings on the wall of my studio (or everywhere)

Dibujitos pegados por ella en la pared frente a mi compu

Tarjetas de propaganda y dibujos en la otra pared de mi taller

"Esculturas" hechas con rollos de cocina y cuyas decoraciones, están pegadas con.....Cinta de pintor!!!

Esto está pegado con chinches pero igual se los muestro porque los hizo ella!!

Dibujos en la puerta de mi taller pegados por mi con...Cinta de pintor!!!

Esto lo pegó ayer en el pasillo de casa, me explicó que era para "tenerlos a mano por cualquier cosa"...

Esta es una pollera que hizo ella y que le adosó los bolsillos con CINTA DE PINTOR!!!!

Es hermosa mi hija!! Me deja siempre dibujitos en el papel donde tengo el mouse!!!
Buen fin de semana!!!
Have a great week end!!!

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  1. Masking TAPE! Why didn't I think of that?! That is too cute. She really does love it! Ava tries to hang stuff up, but with the clear stuff on mirrors in her art room, and it makes taking them off a pain, and a little sad when the project tears. I don't know why I didn't think of this!

    I remember as a child, in the small corner of our studio apartment, I wanted to encircle myself with stuff I loved. I'd string yarn across the ceiling and hang stuff. There's something about enclosing yourself in with everything that is beautiful to you, that is so comforting. Of course, when I grew up, I went through my beige and white phase - where I needed everything to be out of sight, and "clean" - I thought that would help me "think" better. But no... I always assume clutter some way or another.

    Even in my little office right now {formerly a closet}, I have the children's cards, drawings, photos draped off shelves. And sometimes... I wish I even had stuff from my own childhood... Where did those things go??

    Love this!

  2. Thank you so much Z!!! I didn't like the "mess" before I have India, but now, I love to see, while I'm working, all those drawings around me.

    I hope Ava finds on the masking tape a new "friend"!!! Hahahaha!!

  3. Ayyy que linda! es una artista, que capacidad creativa que tiene, se vé que tiene el ojo entrenado esa nena! la pollera es increíble! la disposicón en la que pega los dibus de no creer!

    besos y buen finde!


  4. yes ! masking tape is very attractive to create inspiration walls like yours :)


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