martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

Etsy Metal Blog Carnival

Etsy Metal Blog Carnival?.... I'm sure you are asking yourself what is it....
 Etsy Metal Group is a international collective of artisans who create jewelry and works of art in metal. 
I'm part of this group and this is my first time participating in the Blog Carnival.
Ok, It is group of EtsyMetal members who will collectively write an article on the monthly subject for their blog!

So, the topic for the month of November is Business Success Secrets

Ok, let's start!!

→ What does it mean to you to be "successful" in business as an artist?
→ To be successful in business as an artist means to me to do what I really love to do, in the way I love to do, that people like what I do and earn money with my art and be capable to live doing what I love to do!!

→ How do you walk the line between creativity and profitability?
→ I'm very simple, so my pieces are simple too and I have no problem to sell them. But, lately, I was feeling a little bit bored making the same pair of earrings once and again, so I decide to continue with those pieces that I know are welcomed (and cover my incomes) and I'm on my way to create expensive pieces, ooak, that allow me fly away with my creativity.

→ What is the best thing you've done for your business?
→Be myself, be brave enough to quit my day job to dedicate all my time to this business and, being my own boss, have the time to spend the whole afternoon playing with my little girl if I want, being aware of that I'm the only one who decide about how I want to spend my days!!! 

 Ok, that's all, but don't forget to check the links down there to know the point of view of the most talented artists of this group!!. Enjoy!!


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  1. So true! The biggest realization must be that you are "brave enough" to make such a leap in life. And we are all grateful for that - because our world is better for people like you. Who live life to the fullest... because you say so. Congrats to your success! xo

  2. Thank you so much Z!!! You're brave too!!

  3. gabriela you are wonderfuly creative and it shows in your artwork, you are brave!!!

  4. Thank you so much for your comment Victoria, I'm honored because I consider you so creative that, sometimes I say to myself: how did she was able to create such an amazing piece!!! Have a great sunday!!


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